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The Toilet: Home remedies for hemorrhoids

The Toilet a Remedy For Hemorrhoids

Ever since the dawn of mankind, there has been one way to relieve oneself. From the prehistoric era all the way up to 18th century. When one had to go, he simply squatted. But, Western didn`t take long, with the industrialization Western World. For “all coveted “Toilet” to enter the scene, the “Throne of convenience” they called it. But convenience came with a price.

Let’s take a look at your anatomy.

This is your colon. It’s the gateway to remove all the unwanted waste your body does not need. In the squatting position, your colon easily expels all the unwanted waste, with little to no strain at all. In the sitting position, your colon is constricted. And your body requires a Lot more effort to remove all that waste. And that extra effort damages your tissues, leaving your body susceptible to a whole variety of medical problems. Such as hemorrhoids, constipation, diverticulitis-coli and many others medical problems. Rarely seen in countries that held true to the squat. The people at “med-logic” have finally made a squatting toilet. To meet these issues head on while allowing easy integration into modern homes.

Squatting Toilet

The “squatting toilet” attaches to modern plumbing! Additionally, it is raised well above the ground for a more comfortable way to squat. And, squatting reduces your average time in the bathroom by 50%. But this is more than just an innovation of an ancient position. It’s a way to eradicate the medical issues that stem from what currently know and love. Its time for a Revolution, and to do it, we need your help. Manufacturing, marketing, and perfecting this toilet ain`t easy, so please, sign up, donate now, and help save lives. Thanks.


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